Depending on the game

Depending on the game

We addict addiction to substance abuse alcohol and other thoughts that change drugs, food, even cigarettes and process abuse shopping, games, exercise, work and sex. In itself, none of these topics or processes are bad. The problem is the addict and what the addict does with the substance or process. The way in which an addict is affected by anything that can change is always different than how a non addict is affected. The problem is the addict, not the drug of choice.

Normal people, who they are, can use substances and processes appropriately without adverse consequences. Abusers will abuse ab use any of the above. Abusers can have a favorite substance or process, or several of each, but most addicts are willing and able to use, overuse and abuse all that is available. For example, many game users use alcohol, a little too much food and regular gambling, all to change their feelings. First of all, none of these looks like a problem. As the use continues, the disease discomfort, discomfort, the blooming addict continues more and more emotions with drugs and processes. He may become a little overweight, do not do other things that he says he wants to do, not be present in his relationships, and spend more and more energy on his hobby game, along with some drinking and maybe smoking cigarettes.

Watch out? Hmmm. Maybe not so much. The damage varies from distance from emotional presence in his own life and relationships, to the obsession to finding ways to play more. As it becomes increasingly important, gambling dominates his thoughts and feelings. If he stops playing for a while, he can discover that he drinks, smokes and eats more, replaces those subjects, and temporarily uses them instead of games to handle their underlying discomfort.

The use of any of these is for him to cover or change emotions, give a high or deal with emotional and spiritual pain and emptiness. After playing for a while, the odds usually end up with him and he loses money. In response, he does not end up playing, but looks for ways to do it differently. He is like the alcoholic who changes different types of alcohol.switching to beer and wine only, because he believes that vodka caused problems, and not seeing that he, not the alcohol, and not the type of alcohol, is the problem.

For the alcoholic, thats what hes doing with alcohol and what it does for him thats the problem. Wherever he goes, there he is!. Just changing drinks or bars does not help. Disappointment! Obsession and compulsion, emptiness and pain, drive addiction. The gambler can change places or types of games but will not end in response to negative consequences. Forced game acquires increasing importance and becomes his primary relationship and drives much of the rest of his life.

If he decides to check his gambling addiction ordinary people do not need to control their use of any subject or procedure, they can simply take it or leave it, the addict spends energy to not play on a particular day, or after a certain number of hours at the casino or computer, or after a certain amount of money, or any other external check. Attempts to control an abuse never work long. The frequency, intensity and gambling issues will always regain, its just a matter of when; or the addict will switch addictive and become a heavier smoker, heavier drinker, bigger overfather, workaholic, all over or something else.its just about time. The addict will use all processes and topics to cover emotions, remove him from being emotionally present and try to fill a void that can not be filled in.

The non addict addict or overuse and the subject or process does not take over his life. Repeat after me Its the addict, not the substance or process, thats the problem.

Most addicts find that the reason for a strong recovery is to fill the void with a relationship with a higher power. Many call this power God. This relationship is free to ask, search and receive. Try it.nothing to lose but your pain and addiction.and all to win start with yourself.

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