Common weeds of the Carribean
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Amaranthus spinosus L.
Heliotropium indicum L.
Emilia sonchifolia
Tridax procumbens L.
Ipomoea quinquefolia L.
Bryophyllum Pinnatum Lam.
Momordica charantia L.
Euphorbia hypericifolia L.
Ricinus communis L.
Leonotis nepetaefolia (L.) R. Br.
Vachelia farnesiana (L.) Wight.
Argemone mexicana L.
Antigonon leptopus
Lantana camara L.
Olivia drew these weeds in January 1998 in EL Limon, a small village in the mountains of the Dominican Republic. Although this is not a comprehensive study, because we drew the weeds which were easiest to find, you'll see many of these plants if you spend time in the region. We found Tropical Weeds by Cardenas useful, as well as The World's Worst Weeds by Hohn. An earlier version of our database, including weeds that we couldn't identify, can be found here.

We wrote descriptions of our weeds in XML and stored them in MySQL, a relational database. This site was generated with our software WEEDS 2, based on Java Server Pages. WEEDS 2 is freely available. We wrote a chapter (read it online) about this project for Professional Java Server Programming from Wrox Press.

Several descriptive writings on weeds, some of them software generated – WEED 2 have drawn flock to the areas like EL Limon to reach out and research on the subject. Some airlines like kingfisher airlines even introduced discounted flights to new zealand. While some were choosing among several scheduled air travels with the partner packages with the ideally located all inclusive resort, others were on their way the immediately available student flights. While there is a general influx in the renowned area, hard rock hotel gets unusual crowd.

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